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Let’s get minimal, minimal, I want to get minimal. 

Rap name literal icons. Scroll slow and see if you can tell who the rappers are before you see their names. 

See the whole list here. 

With the red vans though!!

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Ciara Debuts Crazy Long Dreadlocks: Should She Keep Them?

Oh, so since Ciara’s having an “elegant” wedding she can’t possibly keep her loc extensions…Right? Cause locs can’t be elegant? I’m so sick of this shit. 

Headline should read: 

"People magazine astonishes no one with their brazen racism in calling Ciara’s dreadlock’s "crazy" while continuing to praise white women for their various appropriated clothing and hair style choices."

ditch the dreads because we fear when melanated women take pride in their natural divinity instead of accept our europeanized standards of beauty.

I love her with dreads

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