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Basic Training has stolen my fiance…..

I seriously cant believe he’s gone……I  miss him so much and its only been an hour and a half. I keep looking at the clock as if it going to speed up……:( My room is so empty without him. June 12th please……..


alicejanaik20 asked: I just want some input: Is it easier to get married before or after tech school? Me and my fiancé want to have a courthouse marriage but we don't know which is smarter to do before or after tech school? HELP!



I think its better to get married after tech school. Tech school is only for a short period of time so they will be stationed elsewhere pretty quickly. I would wait until he comes home on leave after tech school and get married then.

After that, he will go to his next duty station and work out paperwork and housing etc for the both of you. then you guys can take it from there.



Good Morning:)

Out here at the park waiting on my fiance to finish his PT for the day. Got myself a lil workout in also:)


Teacher hitting the nae nae

I’m done

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Today marks 2 years since the last time I self harmed and 5 since I attempted suicide…and I can proudly say that I defeated my demons. Today is a blessed day!

Reblogging because this could be inspiring for someone else!